Lister Petter

Partner in Poland VIRTUTE MARIS


Cocktail in British Embassy in Warsaw

With a great pleasure representatives of Virtute Maris confirmed their invitation to cocktail at British Embassy, conducted upon official visit of British mission. The meeting resulted in many interesting contacts, especially in the terms of emissions levels research methods and Virtute Maris part in this project. We hope it’s a first step for new and exciting products within our offer.

Visit in Lister Petter factory at Hardwick

Upon our official visit in Great Brittain, together with one of our business partner representatives, we took time to visit factory line of Lister Petter engines. Step by step, guided thorough whole construction process, from parts warehouse up to test area, we improved our knowledge about specifics of this product. Visit upon assembly line, when most of the work is done by human hands, is always thrilling experience. Professional approach and attention to details, always determines product made in great Britain, showing clearly his outstanding quality.

Gold mining pumps

Large part of Lister Petter engines from Gamma series, is prepared to be send to Australian distributor Welling & Crossley. Lister Petter engines are widely used upon open pit mining of gold. In challenging environment, upon high temperatures, the users prefer only proven engines.

Irrigation and water distribution in Africa

In Africa main problem is water supply. In demanding environment, when we notice large temperature variation between day and night and large amount of dust, only simple & proven engine construction can be used. Lister Petter engines work both in irrigation pumps and the ones that supply water directly to people. They work 20 or 30 years without any problems.

Shipment of pumps to Philipines

Shipment of eight pumps to Philipines. The pomps are made together with Sykes company. Mentioned pumps run on, top quality, hassle free, air cooled, TR3 engine.