Lister Petter

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Lister Petter service pack’s

Save your time and money. Lister Petter engines are known from their long life. Correct service with original parts extends lifetime and hassle free usage of your unit. Taking care of our long time users, we’ve created service packs dedicated to the different hours of engine work. Get in contact with one of our engineers to pick up right pack and check current availability status.

It’s worth to use originals

Legendary quality of our engines is guaranteed only upon usage of original spare parts and maintenance materials. It’s not worth too make small savings when we take in account long life of our engine. Our engineers will create detailed calculation with prices and availability of each part. We can schedule our authorized service visit in most convenient timing that suits Your plans.

More than 150 years of tradition

Everything started in 1867 when Robert Ashton Lister has start up with a company that produced agricultural equipment. In 1893, James Petter together with his sons, started production of combustion engines. In next years to come, they developed as first in Great Britain, 3 HP engine used in the car. In 1902 the company has produced first tractor with 30 HP engine. 1957 was the year in which Hawkey and Siddeley company has purchased Petter, and eight years later Lister company. The companies finally were joined together in 1986. In those years company has employed 250 people. In 2019 was overtaken by Sleeman & Hawken. Still the main markets are Asia and Africa but more and more focus are laid on European market. In 2020 the company strongly emerged in Central Europe, offering distribution on several markets to Virtute Maris.

Proudly made in Britain

Made in Britain is an official, registered trade mark for the group of more than 30 best products made on Great Britain territory. Lister Petter engines produced in Great Britain are officially registered and allowed to use this trademark. In order to uphold high quality, the company continuously withdraws from usage of Chinese or Asiatic engine components.

Low fuel consumption

Both Lister Petter engines and generators are known from their low fuel consumption. In the comparison test our engines had 30% less consumption than competitive engines. Upon purchase of Lister Petter engine, you get not only top quality product, but upon long term running, you save on fuel costs.

Lister Petter in Manitou and Onan machinery

Together with the supplier we performed market analysis to determine usage of old types of Lister  Petter engines. We are astonish how much of the professional machinery uses our engines. Recently to our data base we’ve added those used in lifts and equipment of Manitou and Onan generators. We are proud to distribute engine and parts within Central Europe in order to make Lister Petter users happy.

Short time of supply

Due to stable, weekly delivery chain from Great Britain, and strategic set up of our warehouse near Warsaw Airport and ring, we are able swiftly deliver selected part, in order to minimalize the stand-up phase for machinery that uses our engines.